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VRF Units


Commissioning Services Offered


New Building Commissioning

Commissioning (Cx) in a New Building is one that is done during the design and/or construction phase.  We work with the engineer and review the design to ensure the systems will be able to work together properly to provide the most efficiency for the building and comfort for its occupants.

Existing Building Commissioning

Existing Building Commissioning is one that is performed on a building undergoing a renovation.  Ideally, we would be brought in while the design for the renovation is occuring.  Regardless, we ensure the new systems and old systems are able to work together and will still be as efficient as possible while providing comfort to its occupants.


Retro-Commissioning is commissioning that is performed on a building's systems that have never been commissioned before.  

This is the type of commissioning called upon when the building's systems just aren't working like they should.  When the systems aren't working together is usually when the energy bills continue to climb and/or symptoms of sick building syndrome will appear.

O&M Training

Commissioning is great as long as the O&M team know what was done and how to maintain it after the project is over.  If they do not understand the what, why and how It's very likely they won't be able maintain the systems properly and the whole effort would be a waste of money and time.  


Sick Building Diagnosis

Complex Controls

Lab Malfunctions


MEP Engineering Consulting

We have several engineers we can team with at any time for any engineering needs. 


Test & Balance Services Offered

Systems that we Test & Balance

The systems we currently Test & Balance are:

  • Primary and/or Secondary Chilled Water Plants
  • Primary and/or Secondary Hot Water Plants
  • Variable Volume Chilled Water Plants
  • Variable Volume Hot Water Plants
  • Constant Volume Systems
  • Variable Volume Systems
  • Chemical Labs (BSL 1-3)
  • Geothermal Systems
  • Chiller Plant Analysis
  • Exhaust Systems
  • DX Systems

Why is TAB Necessary?

Successful air flow throughout the building helps to prevent the typical 'one room is cold while the one across the hall is hot' scenario.

TAB ensures the air flowing into and out of a room meet the designed criteria.  This will provide a more comfortable atmosphere while also being energy efficient.