MEP Commissioning Solutions


What is MEP Commissioning & Why does it matter?

Testing - Documenting - Verifying


MEP Commissioning is the systematic approach to verifying the building systems are Designed, Installed, Tested and Sustainable long after the project is over.  

It is thoroughly testing and validating the systems operate in the high performing and high quality manner the owner expects.

Unlike MEP Engineering firms, we are able to keep our focus squarely where it should be; and as an independent third-party, certified by ACG, we avoid conflicts of interest by only commissioning buildings where we are not performing test and balance work.

Save Money - Save Energy - Be Sustainable


  • Lower lifetime costs
  • Increased life of equipment
  • Energy credits (in some states)
  • Improved air quality and comfort
  • Reduced warranty issues
  • Documented maintenance requirements
  • Ensures O&M staff orientation and training
  • High performance of the HVAC system

How We Do It

Design Phase


5D's will conduct design reviews at several levels.  During this phase the Cx team will ensure direct communication between the owner's design team and CxA is established.  

We will also review the designs to ensure the owner's project requirements are met and will allow for the accurate measuring of the performance for the mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) systems

Construction Phase


5D's will review submittals, conduct Cx team meetings, conduct site visits, create the issue log tracking system, as well as, develop the pre-functional and functional tests needed in the Acceptance Phase.

Acceptance Phase


This is the testing phase.  Functional tests will be used on the HVAC and other systems.  The tests will put the systems under very intense conditions to validate their performance.

Warranty Phase


This final phase will consist of off-season vists to validate the system's performance throughout the year