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Company’s Purpose and Difference

5D’s is an independent third-party commissioning firm which means we are objective and fair in our assessments and systems verification. Integrity is one of our Core Values so being certified by the ACG organization is essential to 5D’s.

We provide a multitude of services comprising of MEP Commissioning, Complex HVAC Systems Troubleshooting and BAS/DDC Systems Consultation Services.  We provide these services to public, private and government organizations which are comprised of airports, office buildings, schools, hospitals and laboratories.

Our team offers something few others can and that’s the extensive hands-on experience and knowledge the owners have about how the systems work and why they work that way. This hands-on experience also provides them with the unique ability to see the system from both the Owner’s AND the O&M’s perspectives. This is essential to ensuring the systems can be maintained and sustainable for the long term. Our goal is to never leave a project until the owner is confident and satisfied in the commissioned systems.

The Company’s Story

Mr. Doug Baggett and family spent 28 years in the Air Force but he had always dreamt of having a family business where everyone in the family could participate. When Doug retired from the Air Force he embarked on new challenges working for the private sector but that dream of a family business stayed in the back of his mind.  Eventually, Doug was ready to retire “for real” but even so, he just couldn’t sit still.  He enjoyed commissioning and troubleshooting HVAC systems and teaching others about the systems. It’s what he did for the Air Force and then in the private sector and the fact of the matter was he missed it. Plain and simple.  So, when a friend insisted Doug start his own company so that he could help troubleshoot and commission his friend’s mechanical systems the wheels began to turn. 5D’s was born in 2012.

Doug brought his son, Michael, on board immediately because Michael has the same passion and knowledge for HVAC but he has more. Michael also has the deep understanding, experience and love for DDC Controls Systems.  Michael also brought to 5D’s the Commissioning Authority certification from the ACG organization, which is no easy task. But it was worth it because the ACG organization is the pinnacle of objectivity and that is what 5D’s strives for.

The two men own 5D’s Inc. and have been serving the public, private and government sectors ever since. In 2017 they felt ready to take the company to the next level so they brought the oldest daughter/sibling, Andria, on board. Andria worked in leadership positions with large companies such as Pepsi, Nestle and Target. She brought that experience, along with her training and education, to assist with project management and business development opportunities.


Mission, Vision and Future

Our mission in starting the company was to provide unparalleled, client-focused commissioning and consultation services while also ensuring high-performing and sustainable buildings – all without sacrificing our integrity, our quality, or our relationships. We have a deep belief to do the Right Thing the Right WayAlways.

Our future is one that will be built on long-term relationships with our clients and employees. We are excited to be part of the industry that continues to evolve into healthier and more energy efficient buildings.


What Do the 5D’s Stand For?

Many clients have asked what the 5D’s is for and the answer is quite straight forward.  The 5Ds is a nod to the family and the dream of a family business. Each family member has a name, either first or middle, that begins with D and we are a family of 5. So…5D’s.




Mr. Doug Baggett is an Air Force veteran who proudly gave 28 years of service to our country. Chief Master Sergeant (CMS) Baggett has been in the Mechanical field for over 45 years, 21 of which have specifically been MEP Commissioning. He began his career and education of the industry in the Air Force and has now taken it to the civilian world.

He is QCxP certified by the University of Wisconsin’s College of Engineering. His experience includes many high-profile projects, such as, Airbus, NOAA and Apple Manufacturing, just to name a few.

Mr. Baggett has a Mechanical Contractor’s license in the state of Florida, is CTAB and OSHA Certified: Construction Safety and Health



Mr. Mike Baggett has been in the HVAC Commissioning Industry for over 20 years with an extensive background and passion for Test & Balance and DDC Controls, as well as, Commissioning. He also has advanced knowledge and training of the Tridium Systems and the Mitsubishi M series VFR Systems.

Mike has served as the Project Manager on over 75 commissioning projects, including those for the Mobile School System, Georgia Tech, Georgia Southern University and North Carolina State University.

Mike is a certified CxA through the AABC (ACG) organization. He is also CTAB, OSHA and Tridium Niagara AX Certified (TCP).



Commissioning is the rigorous testing and validation that the MEP systems work together as intended.

The Commissioning Agent ensures that optimization has occurred for the building’s mechanical systems before the job is closed out.

Commissioning a building’s systems will ensure:

Lower operational costs
Comfortable atmosphere for occupants
Reduction in RFI’s & construction cost creep


It is always difficult to know in advance but here are a few red flags to look for:

  • If the cost/quote is “too good to be true” then it probably is
  • If the firm talks about how easy it is (it’s not easy when done right)
  • If it’s described as just being a checklist
  • If they have provided a conflicting service (such as doing the TAB work and then commissioning it – that’s a conflict of interest)


By reducing the energy footprint and ensuring the systems all work together as efficiently as possible. This means less wasted energy and more sustainable buildings.

A report by California Energy Commission shows that projects for energy-related problem buildings, resulted in 16% median whole-building energy savings in existing buildings and 13% in new construction. This means a payback time of 1 – 4 years!

You can read the 65 page report


TAB stands for the Testing, Adjusting and Balancing of the air & water flow systems.

The TAB technician tests the flows of air & water systems and then verifies they meet the design determined by the MEP Engineer.

In the instance where they do not, the technician will adjust the flow rates until they are balanced and meet the designed requirements.


First, it’s necessary to acknowledge the systems have become progressively complex due to high-tech designs and energy requirements – it’s difficult to keep track of the ever evolving changes and updates.

Second, the contractors will ensure their equipment works but that does not guarantee the equipment will perform in tandem with other equipment/systems as intended.

Third, who’s to say when one contractor is done another one doesn’t change it in order to make their equipment work better?

Commissioning agents validate the MEP systems all work together as designed after they are installed.

5D’s Inc. works as a team with the multiple contractors on the job to make sure all of the MEP systems work together as designed and as efficiently as possible.

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