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Why Communication is So Important During the Commissioning Process

It’s a commissioning agent’s job to ensure systems are running smoothly and efficiently. To do so, they must be aware of the owner’s expectations and the construction team’s processes. They should have access to the original plans, and know about any changes that occured before testing begins.

With so many wheels turning, it’s essential to keep open the lines of communication. Here are some strategies agents employ to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Kickoff Meetings

Kickoff meetings typically occur in the design and building phases. During this time, the commissioning plan is presented to the construction team, contractors, engineers, owners, project managers and other parties involved. It is a way for the commissioning agents to establish the processes required for communication and other various scenarios moving forward.

Email Can Be Tricky

Email may seem like the most effective form of communication when multiple parties are involved, but this is not always the case. For example, it is not uncommon for emails to go back and forth between the design team and project managers that do not CC the commissioning authority. Not keeping commissioning agents in the loop takes away from the value they can add to the job.

For example, let’s say an installation was being made on the job site that the commissioning agent was not aware of. If they show up on site at a later date and find the installation was not done properly, it will cost additional time and money to correct it. Having the agent in from the get-go can eliminate these kinds of issues.

Because email is not the most efficient type of communication, team communication platforms like Slack may be a better choice. These tools ensure that everyone in the group is kept up to date on the latest. They eliminate the possibility of emails getting filtered incorrectly.

Project Management Software in Beneficial

Project Management Software is also beneficial in the commissioning process. It monitors all deficiencies in the project to ensure nothing is missed so they don’t turn into bigger problems down the line. The best packages will span both the commissioning and construction phases to provide seamless tracking throughout.

Reach Out and Connect

While virtual tools come in handy in the building and commissioning process, it’s a good idea for commissioning agents to reach out and communicate directly with project managers. A friendly phone call, or even text, will ensure that nothing is being overlooked. It will also help build good relationships with the owner, the agent and the other teams involved.

On Site Conversations

Commissioning agents should also come in for site visits. This gives them the opportunity to connect with different contractors, find out what their installation schedules are and to get an idea for how the project is coming along.

Separate conversations may also be conducted with mechanical and construction project managers. This is a good way to find out about how the system is functioning and to discuss any issues that need to be resolved. Formal site visit documentation may also be reviewed at this time.

When so many hands are involved in the building process, communication is key. 5D’s realizes how important it is to keep in touch and we stay on top of issues using the best resources available. We strive to forge good business relationships and see to it that everyone is happy with the outcome.

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