Top 6 Features When Choosing Direct Digital Control

Direct Digital Control is essential in the controlling of a facility’s crucial systems. It is used in commercial and industrial buildings to ensure the proper operating of heating, HVAC, energy management and more. It plays a major role in increasing the overall efficiency of the unit. The Direct Digital Control system runs through a central computer that monitors elements such as temperature and lighting via sensors and output systems. It works with a building automation system (BAS) to automate various aspects of the building’s functions to increase energy efficiency and sends a warning when a system is at risk. If you are looking for a Direct Digital Control system for your building, there are a few features you should be looking out for. Here are some to consider:

Direct Digital Control Central Monitoring

Most Direct Digital Control systems come with central monitoring that allows you to operate them from remote locations round the clock. This is an important feature as it will alert the operators if a risk is detected so they can take preventative measures.

Direct Digital Control Energy Efficiency

Direct Digital Control systems provide buildings with the ultimate in energy efficiency. They will utilize optimum start/stop strategies and temperature setpoints during peak energy usage along with unoccupied times. They will also let operators know how much energy is being used so they can take steps to save money and resources.

Smart Security

A Direct Digital Control system may also come with built in smart security. Features include motion sensors that detect intruders and fob entry that eliminates the need to find keys, keeps strangers out and allows for quick entry into the building.

Easy Maintenance

If there is a problem in the building, it can take days or even months to detect, potentially resulting in more extensive repairs and significant downtime. A Direct Digital Control system can detect issues as soon as they occur so crews can address the issues before they get out of hand. It will also provide an analysis of sensor data so service people spend less time troubleshooting and more time fixing.

Monitored Based Commissioning

Monitored based commissioning is the process that is implemented after the HVAC systems have been fully commissioned.  Once the systems have been fully commissioned, an operating benchmark of the building’s systems and subsystems are created. The commissioning agents can then continuously monitor the building’s operating conditions via the Direct Digital Control system and notify the operating personnel of any discrepancies or issues identified by the Direct Digital Control system.

Increased Safety

A Direct Digital Control system’s ability to detect security breaches as well as system risks make for increased security throughout the building. It keeps occupants safe from intruders and environmental hazards.

If you are thinking of installing a Direct Digital Control system, 5D’s Incorporated can help you find one that’s best suited to your needs. We will commission your building to ensure all systems are compatible. The Direct Digital Control system will maintain the facility’s condition to ensure it is running efficiently.

Now that you know what features to look for in a Direct Digital Control system, you are prepared to make a smart choice. Let us assist you in reaching your building maintenance goals.

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