Ah, new construction. It looks great, it functions well, and it provides occupants with maximum efficiency.

But over time, systems start to give out, usually due to regular wear and tear. Tell tale signs include utility bills going up and components not functioning as well as they used to.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to prevent and stop system degradation. Read on to find out what actions to take when your building’s systems aren’t running their best.

What Building Systems are Prone to Degradation?

Any of your building systems can degrade over time. The ones you want to keep an eye on include:


The HVAC system is responsible for your building’s heating, ventilation and cooling. When it starts to wear down, you will notice an increase in energy bills. If you inspect closely, you may also see leaks in the system.


Your plumbing system carries water throughout your building . If it starts going south, you will notice discolored water and piping. You may also find gathering water in exterior areas. You may discover leaks that will be evident by bubbling, peeling paint. Your water bill will increase as well.

Electrical System:

The wires in your electrical system can fray and become damaged. You may see tell tale signs of degradation including flickering lights, excessive breaker tripping, noises like cracking popping and buzzing, outlets that are overly warm, discolored or vibrating and odors that smell like something is burning.

How to Prevent System Degradation

Degradation is a natural sign of aging, and it may be impossible to prevent it completely. However, there are ways to slow down the process. Here are some suggestions.

Follow the ‘Owner’s Manual’:

Systems typically don’t come with an owner’s manual, but it’s likely that the contractor that did the installation will have suggestions for keeping it running at its best.

Have Systems Regularly Maintained:

Don’t wait until your systems are breaking down to take action. Get a crew in regularly to oversee the maintenance. If you see signs of degradation, such as rising electricity bills, do not hesitate to make a service call.

Get Your Building Commissioned:

Commissioning is a process that involves a crew coming in to make sure your systems are functioning properly and that they are compatible with one another. It is usually performed during the construction process, but it can also be done retroactively on buildings that have never been commissioned. It will increase the lifetime of your units and keep utility bills low.

If you require commissioning, 5D’s Incorporated is the way to go. We have extensive field experience that makes us qualified to troubleshoot complex systems. We are focused on commissioning, so we are experts in our field. We aim to develop lasting & reliable relationships with the people we serve.

Building systems can deteriorate over time. Give yours the best shot at longevity by treating them well, getting regular maintenance and having commissioning done by 5D’s. We will get your property off to a great start.

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